English Garden Gnomes

In England it’s believed that one percent of homes have a garden gnome. These helpful creatures love to hang out in natural surroundings and if they could would probably live in a deep old growth forest. Since humans have down many of the forests in England the forest gnomes were forced to transition to other occupations. These being, garden gnome, home gnome, farm gnome, and others.

The garden gnome made a significant appearance on the estate of Sir Charles Isham, the 10th Baronet of Lamport Hall in the 1840’ It seems that the baronet enjoyed these funny little creatures and invited as many as would come to live as garden gnomes on his estate.

While the origin of the garden gnome is disputed between Germany, Scandinavia and England, perhaps the legends surrounding both are equally accurate. It is thought that the garden gnome first appeared in England during King Arthur’ time, while they emerged in Germany in the early 1800’ While they are thought to have appeared in Scandinavia in the 1400’s

In traditional lore the gnome is invisible, but can be seen by children and animals. trevi Perhaps the garden gnome has chosen to give up this camouflage in lew to their new occupations. There have been famous photographs taken of other types of gnomes. In 1917 in particular some girls took photos of a gnome at Cottingley Glen, England. Sirs Arthur Conan Doyle and Williams Crookes examined the photos and both agreed that the photos seemed genuine

Currently the garden gnome enjoys hanging out in old gardens. Some believe that the garden gnome is a melancholy sort who spends much of his time drinking and telling old tales, but perhaps they’ just run into a couple of bad eggs. Most English garden gnomes appear to be working hard in the garden, monitoring the children, pushing wheelbarrows and watching over the local wildlife.

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